Fun at The Fountainbleau

December 20, 2015

At the Fountainbleau for a corporate presentation, recently, with top insurance sales people. These professionals were adept at keeping it together with work and personal life.   You might wonder how I could know this — after all hypnosis isn’t mind reading, right?   It was in the media presentation shown before my performance which included photos from each sales person’s non-working life with friends, spouses, children, children soon-to-arrive, furry family members and so on.  Those photos were personal and deliberately shared to…


UVA Reunion 2015

June 9, 2015

They used to sit on the grass, now they sit on chairs & the tradition continues!  U.VA alumni came back to the McIntire Amphitheatre last weekend to make new memories at the 2015 Reunion.  Business professionals, doctors, lawyers, educators — you name it, they all came to the amphitheatre see their friends get hypnotized or to volunteer themselves.   This is an event that I enjoy as much as they do.   Plus,  I’m happy anytime I can…


‘fun isn’t a dirty word’ – yesss!

May 11, 2015

Sometimes I have extra time in an airport but not often enough because I still get there close to the wire. It’s a too much travel in a short period of time – thing. Anyway, someone shared this article from US News about corporate meetings & conferences – Hello!! — & why did I like it? Because buried not too far into the piece was the revelation that in business…